Brain-A-Wake 4.3.5

Source:Agile Thinking Inc

Brain-A-Wake alarm, fun games and puzzles to help you wake up!

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, brain games can help make you more alert, keep sharp, and feel refreshed. Brain-A-Wake is designed to help wake-up different parts of your brain and help you get your morning brain workout. It’s also lots of fun!!

Brain-A-Wake is an alarm clock which sets off several games and puzzles designed to help you wake up. When the Brain-A-Wake alarm alert starts to ring it launches a series of random games and puzzles. To shut-off the alarm users must successfully accumulate points by correctly answering each puzzle or completing each game. You set the points and how difficult or easy you want your games to be. Check-out your daily score history to see if your Brain-A-Wake score is improving.

This version has 9 puzzles and games with dozens of variations. Including:
- Classic flash card game
- Mimic game
- Geography quiz game
- Classic memory puzzle
- Math puzzles and quiz
- Word scramble puzzle
- Spelling defense game where you must defend your city from misspelled words.
- Math defense game where you must defense your city by solving math puzzles
- Food defense game where you must quickly identify different kinds of foods.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions, find a problem or bug. Agile Thinking is committed to maintaining high quality apps and will work hard to keep this updated.

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